Pre-employment Background Screenings - Background Investigation - Background Checks - Security Consultation
Pre-employment Background Screenings - Background Investigation - Background Checks - Security Consultation

Security Training

Our consultants hail from around the Transportation and Law Enforcement arenas bringing you a wealth of expertise to address your mandated and non mandated training issues. Using our own production team, we can create customized training video presentations, computer based training and multimedia products that will give you and your employees an edge over the competition. TSA Requirements, ASSOP, Common Strategy, Counter Terrorism. The key is getting you exactly what you want in the most cost effective method possible.

Chemical Biological Radiological Training:
As an expert in your industry, assessing your own vulnerabilities, you’ve probably asked yourself, where is the next Terrorist attack going to happen? Will we be ready? The terrorists have educated themselves in Chemical, Biological and Nuclear warfare and constantly explore the vulnerabilities of many industries. We design contingency plans that enable you to protect your business, employees and customers. Our experts provide Department of Defense (DOD) caliber training and equipment to your employees, preparing and outfitting them, to protect against this potentially devastating threat.

Suicide Bombers:
We offer training, either on site or at our discrete overseas location, on the detection and elimination of this modern day threat. Our experts have substantial experience with this menace, providing your organization with the ability to defend itself.

Weapons and Survival Training:
If your organization necessitates the use of firearms, our Firearms Instructors can design the courses necessary to safely and completely accomplish your mission. Whether it is initial or re-qualification, we accommodate your specific needs while adapting the training to the novice, expert, male or female.

  • Weapons Familiarization
  • Tactical Courses
  • Survival Training
  • Weapons Execution in Vehicular, Aircraft, and Maritime applications
  • Assistance with Weapons Selection, Ballistic tolerant clothing and material, Methods of carriage, concealment and accessories.

Survival training may be incorporated into your weapons training program or may be accomplished as a stand alone course. We can assist your organization with initial or recurrent training. This training is invaluable for all corporate flight departments and executives who must travel to remote or austere locations. We provide both academic and practical applications of survival such as:

  • Tactical First Aid
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Land Survival, Rescue and Recovery
  • Water Survival and Egress Training

Additionally, our training addresses the location, selection and construction of various survival tools and equipment such as:

  • Flotation Devices and Rafts
  • Signaling Devices
  • Survival Equipment
  • Rations
  • Underwater Egress Breathing Devices
  • Exposure Equipment

Our consultants are professionally trained and certified by the Air Force and Coast Guard with practical experience involving Search and Rescue.