Pre-employment Background Screenings - Background Investigation - Background Checks - Security Consultation
Pre-employment Background Screenings - Background Investigation - Background Checks - Security Consultation

Physical Security

Physical Security is the cornerstone of any successful security program. We will design a customized program tailored to suit your needs and your budget. Our security professionals provide detailed assessment, analysis and consultation, all free of charge. We understand human factor issues and integrate them into the concept and design of our security programs, with emphasis on your particular needs and desires.

Perimeter Control

Security Fencing – There are almost infinite options and materials available. We can design a security perimeter with a wide spectrum of materials as basic as specialized aesthetic shrubbery that can stop both people and vehicles up to a 5 ton truck. This is ideal for locations where maximum security is required while the corporate setting and image must be maintained. We also provide more visible barrier deterrents using materials that cannot be scaled or compromised by traditional methods.

Vehicle Barriers – If penetration of undesirable vehicles into your facility is not an option, we integrate vehicle barriers into the design of your security perimeter, creating a secure and controlled access point. We can update an existing security perimeter implementing the latest technology to protect your facility against unwanted entry from terrorists, suicide bombers, labor unrest or curiosity seekers. CSA can also incorporate Vehicle Access control point shelters designed to protect your Security Staff from the elements, weapons or ballistic munitions.

Motion Detection Devices – Ideal for many applications using either seismic, motion or heat sensing. These devices can be used to detect intrusions at remote locations or along a perimeter. They can also be integrated to operate cameras and lighting.

Lighting Solutions – We design customized lighting solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Transportation applications. Our lighting solutions can be either passive or active, with integration into existing systems using leading edge technology that will save you money. We also incorporate
Infra-Red (IR) lighting solutions which provide invisible, covert illumination to work with night vision cameras and portable night vision devices.

Cameras – Our team of industry leading consultants design and outfit cameras to meet any application. We provide solutions and systems integration not found elsewhere. We have the expertise to provide simple, cost effective monitoring solutions which include various fixed, rotational, wired or remote image transfer units, laser disc time lapse or digital storage and retrieval media. We also offer more complex multi-role low-light, thermal image, night vision devices that can be either fixed, portable, vehicle or aircraft mounted. These devices are designed to withstand the most arduous of applications yet deliver images in virtually any weather or lighting conditions imaginable. Vehicle applications can be combined with GPS integration and data up-link, providing real time remote surveillance imagery.

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